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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Haruko Haruhara, Jun 27, 2015.

  1. Haruko Haruhara

    Haruko Haruhara Lambda User R:1 Veteran

    So I saw that there was an announcement on the current features and saw the bit about automated channel changes in the game when a field becomes over populated... would you consider being able to change channels manually, like in Tera Online?
    'Cause I've found that in instances where you're trying to find someone who's not in your party in games that have automated channel sorting, it's a nightmare. And beyond that... what if it dumps you into an empty channel, and you really don't want to be in an empty channel? Sure that makes it easier to complete objectives- but objectives might not be the only reason someone went to the field, and even then they still might want to see other players so long as it's not interfering. It could also help them evade player killing. You can't change channels in combat like you can't gate out while in combat, so it'd be a preemptive measure, or one to use after the fact if someone is being killed repeatedly on the same channel.
    I personally don't usually like open world PVP all that much, but don't like playing on PVE servers because I still like having the option if I change my mind. Being able to manually change channels really helps with that, because if I'm running into problems with people I can leave.
  2. Tyrial

    Tyrial Code Whisperer Staff Member R:1 Veteran

    Sorry for not mentioning it (I was rushed), but to answer your question : yes. There will be an option to change your parties channel, and we may even have a "favourite" channel that it will default to when warping. But that's a different issue.
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  3. Haruko Haruhara

    Haruko Haruhara Lambda User R:1 Veteran

    Just your party, though? That's still a bit different and has it's limitations.
    Even brings limitations to active pvp- For example, paying someone to exact revenge for killing you on your behalf becomes much harder if you can't manually change channels. There's already multiple fields per root town, so the odds of finding that person decrease further still if you're at the same area but not on the same channel with nothing to do about it.
    Unless you're including individual players in the word 'party'.
    In which case what I just said is totally irrelevant and you can pretend I said nothing.
  4. Tyrial

    Tyrial Code Whisperer Staff Member R:1 Veteran

    The way the party system will work is...

    Solo = 1 man "party". You can invite people, which won't make them the party leader.. because you already are the party leader. Basically every game does this already. Players in the party have the ability to leave a field at any time, and that includes the leader if he chooses to switch parties. However, if the party leader goes to a field then every subsequential player who warps to the same field as him will automatically go to the same channel as him.

    If you had a party of 3 on a field and decided to change channels to find another player, you would be the only member switching.

    The PvP thing does sound like an issue, but we'll have to find a way to balance it better. That was a good point
  5. Haruko Haruhara

    Haruko Haruhara Lambda User R:1 Veteran

    Well, solo being a "1 man party" basically clears it up because that means solo players not partied with other people can still channel hop if manual channel moving is added, which is exactly what I was wondering about lol.
    Party members going to the leaders channel when warping to a field is a good idea- Tera for example doesn't do that, you still have to change channels to match your leaders', which while it's obviously not difficult can still be a mild annoyance, especially if you've died or something and therefore have to keep switching the channel back.
    So that's nice to hear.
  6. Zaren

    Zaren Administrator Staff Member R:1 Veteran

    It will be, we'll probably only have 3 channels for each field in alpha and change it as the player population grows. That way we wont have 10 players on a field and one PK sorting through 15 channels to find someone, this way its a little more fair. Most games make it un-balanced for PKs but we believe that PKs and PKKs are part of the game and it should be balanced fairly.
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