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The World R:Craft Alpha 6.0 Preview

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by AzureZhen, Oct 7, 2016.


Do you like the Health Bar over the head of Enemies and NPCs?

Poll closed Oct 14, 2016.
  1. I like the Health Bar overhead along with the corner GUI (Keep both)

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  2. I like the Health Bar overhead instead of the corner GUI (Remove Corner GUI)

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  3. I like the corner GUI instead of the Health Bar overhead (Remove Overhead)

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  1. AzureZhen

    AzureZhen Administrator Staff Member R:Craft Staff

    Hey everyone, just thought I'd post a little preview of what's going to be added in the next update. This update will have what is basically the finished mechanics of the game save for tweaking of npcs and mobs stats and xp drops. Some major bugs have pushed me behind on schedule from releasing it already () but after this update, we will be shifting our full attention to finishing the current maps we have ready as well as including more quests to complete. I am hoping to have this update pushed out sometime this weekend or early next week save for any game breaking bugs that I find.

    Upcoming Features:
    Spells that given a per class level. Only Blademasters, Wavemasters, Twin Blades, and Long Arms will receive spells for now. Spells unlock at low levels for now until Beta will the required levels for spells will be increased.
    New Enemy GUI that appears when you are facing an NPC or Enemy.
    Overhead Health Bar on NPCs and Enemies.*
    Cleaned up the Player UI a ton.
    Your weapons will no longer break and will even level up as you use it giving it random special Abilities.

    Not show here also included
    • An in progress health gain system for gaining health as you level up
    • Stats you can level up.
    • Random loot drops from NPCs
    • An NPC you can take the random loot to get it enchanted for unbreaking
    • A bank system for storing items
    • A new Class selection system where you will choose your class when you first join and be unable to change it without a complete player reset.
    Since there will be a brand new system, there will be a complete player data wipe. As long as the health system is working fine as I intend it to, I shouldn't need to another Player wipe until Beta testing.
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