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Titles,PC Quest and Bountys

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by TerrorOfDeath, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. TerrorOfDeath

    TerrorOfDeath Delta User

    Titles:You get title when you have reached certain thresholds e.g i get the title PKK when i kill 100 flagged pkers

    PC Quest:pC submits a quest(e.g.he wants an item) and gives an item or GP to the quest shop,first person 2 fufill the quest gets the reward and the client can get the item from the quest shop

    Bounties:A PC submits a bounty and a reward,first person to kill that player(must be a known PKer)gets the bounty reward.
  2. Magistar

    Magistar Delta User

    Bounties could be done without a system in place to support it, but it also might be a good idea to have one to use. However, if it complicates the UI too much (unless it's a shop or posting board) it shouldn't be done.

    A PC quest system (aka: personal player requests) are an interesting idea though perhaps they should be limited to certain levels/Guilds to keep the number of them down.

    Titles are something that is easy to use, and they could be fun swag to have for clearing certain objectives. (AKA: Blizzards WOW uses titles like that)
  3. TerrorOfDeath

    TerrorOfDeath Delta User

    Imagine an "Azure Knight" Title when you do a quest for Au]$
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