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Discussion in 'Announcements & Updates' started by Tyrial, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Tyrial

    Tyrial Code Whisperer Staff Member R:1 Veteran

    Just like the other updates, most the work has been done under-the-hood and you won't see changes right away.

    New Features
      • There is now a friends list option, where you can add people to your party or guild
      • There is now a self-minimenu you can access by right clicking your own class icon and remove yourself from your party or guild
      • We now have new sprites, with customizable colours (the way we change the colours will be different in future versions) type "/sprite" to open the editor. It shows your character view for the direction you are facing
      • You can cycle the minimap through different modes, the newest one being the info for the area you are currently in (still in testing phases at this time)
      • You can now view all of your characters info on a nice character-info screen. Accessed by the system menu -> "Char Info"
      • You can now use the mouse wheel to scroll in various places, including your inventory and bank
      • You can now cycle through nearby enemies by pressing the Tab key (by default). It can be remapped in the keymapper
      • We now have directional blocks! Directional blocks is a way to have places where you can walk one direction, but you cannot walk back. It's hard for me to explain, but you'll see
      • Continuing above, the minimap now shows where they are with a thinner block line. It only shows on the sides that have blocks. Again, hard to explain, but you'll see
      • Some NPCs can now cast spells! We need to add spells to them, but they have the ability now.
      • You can now type "/console set fps <x>" to set a target framerate. Example: "/console set fps 60" will try and run at 60fps, where "/console set fps 30" will set it to 30. Lower numbers will use less CPU usage
      • There is now a button for Non-Combat interactions. Such as picking up items. The default is "E", but there is a keymapper that can change it
      • There is now a GUI way of adding friends/guild members from the friends list
      • There was no limit on how long of a message you could type, this is now changed
      • The blinking chatbox cursor was making the chat line bounce. This should be fixed, but some people might not see it fixed until the next minor patch
      • The friends list GUI has been re-done
      • The inventory list GUI has been re-done
      • The bank GUI now shows items in a 2-column list and not an icon grid
      • The shop GUI now shows items in a list and not in an icon grid
      • Opening the shop now automatically opens your inventory
      • Opening the bank now automatically opens your inventory
      • The skill window GUI has been redone
      • Attack speed is now based on class, and not the weapon
      • The bank window was being drawn under other GUI
      • Opening doors was terribly slow, they should now be nearly instant
      • GFX Mode 3 should now cache faster, as well as have slightly more FPS
      • The near-gate no longer floods the chatbox
      • The near-shop no longer floods the chatbox
      • Using keys no longer causes a loading screen
      • Logging out from in-game will now go back to the main menu
      • GFX Mode 3 should now cache with less "hiccups"
      • Signs (and other event dialogues) have a new GUI
    Bug Fixes
      • Some players were getting a black main menu screen, this should be fixed now
      • The game crashes when the spell cache exists.
      • The item spawn timer was... not working correctly.
      • Players with a long name were having it get cut off at login
      • The self-minimenu was very wonky
      • Players were able to type the character for the Esc key
      • The draw order of the currency menu was wrong
      • Having the currency menu open, it was hard to tell when it wanted you to type
      • Adding friends was case-sensitive
      • The party list was buggy and showing ghost members
      • It was difficult to tell when the chatbox is open during combat
      • Certain chat channels keep the chat window open, even after sending a message
      • All of the places to type should now have a blinking cursor indicating you can type
      • The hitbox for opening the chatbox with the mouse was offset
      • The friends list was showing as empty even with friends added
      • The character page was showing invalid data
      • The chatbox text was going too far to the right and overlapping the scroll wheel and bleeding into the game screen
      • The party GUI was being drawn on top of shops that were open
      • Closing out of a shop did not close the inventory
      • Closing out of the bank did not close the inventory
      • (STAFF) You can now edit the map without worrying about walking into a warp, or killtile, or even block tiles. They will not affect you with the editor open.
      • (STAFF) Stepping on a block-tile-spot after removing it no longer re-opens the map editor
      • Guild commands were not finding open slots, even when they were there
      • Guild masters names were cut off in the guild info, making it think they were not the leader
      • The party class icons were in the wrong spot
      • Hovering over items in the bank should no longer cause the errors from before
      • You can now no longer join 2 parties at the same time
      • The guild name will now show instantly after creating a guild
      • Big NPC's hitbox has been corrected
      • NPCs can no longer walk through directional blocks
      • AFK status should now be visible to new players that login
      • The bank will no longer "eat" stackable items with only 1 in the stack
      • Item icons (when used) are now corrected
      • You can no longer join 2 guilds at the same time
      • (STAFF) Options will now save after a logout
      • It no longer says "Trade Successful" if you have a full inventory when buying items
      • Players weren't able to join a guild, even after accepting the invite

    Known bugs :

    • Some people's computers have strict security that doesn't allow the updater to work properly, keeping them on or They can download the full client below.
    • Alternatively, some peoples computers aren't deleting the old Patch.cc2 file located in \Data\. This needs to be deleted and the updater needs to be ran again.
    • Some players spawn in the water, you need to gate out to fix this problem
    • Guilds are gone; We will be manually re-adding them
    • ALL of the items are JACKED. We will be fixing them throughout the day

    Full client download (no music): www.CyberConnects2.com/games/updates/theworld/r1/109x/FullClient.zip

    I may have left some things out, but that's the general idea of it.
    Make sure to keep up with reporting bugs.
    The bigger the problem, the quicker I'll get it fixed!
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2016
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  2. qwetroop

    qwetroop Delta User

    Personally still getting spawning into a black void and no matter how many times I gate out I "can't log out if not in a root town." Fresh install and made a second character to test, same thing.
  3. AzureZhen

    AzureZhen Administrator Staff Member R:Craft Staff

    This log is from Apr 1, 2016. This is due to the server being upgraded to C++, the client needs to be upgraded as well. It will take time as Tyrial is working two jobs currently and is in charge of all the work on R1.
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  4. qwetroop

    qwetroop Delta User

    Wow my bad for not seeing the post date, way off oops

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