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AzureZhen promotion - Aug 05, 2017

@AzureZhen has been partnered with us for a long time now, and we have made the decision to promote him from Moderator to Administrator!

Not only on Discord and the forums but we now welcome him as an Admin of CyberConnects2!

Welcome aboard

CrimsonVS Announced - Apr 25, 2017

As many of you have seen, we unveiled our secret project today : CrimsonVS!

The project was started around September 2016 but due to a lack of artists, we didn't really progress.
Now, we'd like to give the players something to do and feel it's time we shared what we've been doing

Q: How much will it cost?
A: Free! Just like all of our other games!

Q: Which platforms are going to be supported?
A: With our single-player release, it will be available on Windows and Android. We will eventuall...

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Developer Log (4-7-17) - Apr 08, 2017

Due to our database server migration for the website this will be a combination of two developer logs. Originally I had planned to post mannny more images this log but one of my hard drives are failing so it's been difficult to get images of the latest completed work, though I've managed to get a few things in here and i'll try to list what else we've been working on during this time.

First I'll start with some temporary and gag weapons, some of you may have the R:2 Cleric staves I've posted before, the weapons I'm posting images of today are placeholder weapons that we've edited from a free source in order to have some content ready for the Alpha release, we want you to know these ...

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